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Parallel Lines Design and Construction Pty Ltd.

ABN : 26068589980
Lic. no: 38797

We at Parallel Lines, Design and Construct Subsoil Drains and Stormwater Systems; in order to eliminate Seepage, groundwater, and subsoil water issues experienced by the property owner in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Commonly, water issues such as these are overlooked or misunderstood by many tradespersons, and can result in the problem being addressed in the incorrect manner, or cutting corners. These senario's often result in a recurring problems, and further remedy costs.

An exciting new direction we are now pursuing, is an environmentally sustainable water control system,the AQUA100 .tm system, designed to recycle the natural water found within your property, minimizing the impact of drought conditions, to protect your asset, and provide you and your family the comfort of better water quality and quantity.

Water charged ground is detrimental to your property.
Footings, Foundations and/or piers can become unstable, and may need underpinning as a result of prelonged water issues. Subsidance is a major issue. Bubbling paint on walls, bouncing floor boards and the encouragement of insects such as termites and cockroaches are to name but a few factors of damage caused by water.

Water charged ground around your property can be detrimental to your health.
It has been recorded, dampness in the home not only increases the risk of asthma, but can be linked to repeated colds and skin irritations. Broncitus, Sinusitus and Tonsillitus, can also be linked to prolonged dampness in the home.

Parallel Lines provide Sevices for:

* Subsoil drainage problems
* Structural Problems
* Underpinning services
* Land stabilisation Services
* Sub-Floor ventilation
* Retaining walls
* Wastewater Treatment Systems
* Rain water harvesting
* Waste water management plans
* Waste water recycling systems
* Stormwater catchment plans and systems
* Ground water control systems
* Natural catchment assesment and management
* Natural catchment storage systems
* Ciabion wall systems
* Stormwater/ subsoil water
Collection, Storage and
Recycling systems
* Design and installation of
Aqua100.tm System



Ian Walters 0416 077 872




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